Monday, July 6, 2009

We will finish up today with our 10 tips to get skinny quick! These are so simple that all of us can implement them right away!

Weight Loss Quick Tips #10: Easy Ways to Lose Weight

By Jennifer R. Scott,

  1. Shop for Your Slimmer Self

    Stay motivated by donating your clothing to charity when you go down a size and shop there to keep costs down when you buy for your next “temporary” size. Having a few new items each time you hit a new size will keep you motivated to keep right on losing.
  2. Don't Drive and Dine

    We tend to multitask these days, but try not to eat while driving -- you’re likely to eat more without realizing and not “know” you’ve eaten because you were distracted, which leads to overeating later on.
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  3. Ration Your Favorite Tunes

    Make playlists of your favorite songs and only allow yourself to listen to them when you’re exercising. I love music, so this is a great motivator for me when I don't want to get up and go. Plus, my favorite songs somehow sound even better when I listen to them out in the fresh air during my walk.
  4. Stay In More

    Give up eating out for cooking at home so you can control portions and save money. Just making simple changes can save tons calories. For example: Bake, don’t fry, all your favorite foods.
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  5. Soup's On!

    You've heard having soup or salad before your meal will help you eat less, but how do you know which is best if both are available? Choose soup -- it is more filling than salad thanks to its volume. (Just say no to bread or crackers along with it, though.)
  6. Splurge Smart

    Got some spare calories to spend? Savor something special like a small piece of dark chocolate rather than splurging on something you tend to eat regularly like a cookie or potato chips. By saving your extra calories for something decadent, you may be more willing to cut them in other areas, such as using a fat-free mayo or switching to light bread.
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