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Get Skinny Quick-7 Things You Didn't Know About Walking and Losing Weight

Those of us who desire to get skinny quick sometimes may overlook the really simple things we can do to get rid of those excess pounds.

Walking is one of those things that if done right can really help us reach our weight loss goals. Today's post will be on how to get the most out of walking.

7 Things You Don't Know About Walking for Weight Loss

By Jennifer R. Scott,

Walking for weight loss sounds pretty easy -- you just put one foot in front of the other, right? Think again! There are some important guidelines to follow if you want to get the most out of your workout. Before you head outside or hit the treadmill again, consider these seven tips for walking for weight loss:

  1. Posture Pointer
    Be sure to maintain good posture by standing tall. You'll actually burn more calories than if you have less-than-perfect posture such as leaning forward or rounding your shoulders.
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  2. Keep Your Arms Close
    If you bend your arms when you are walking, they should stay close to your body. Don't allow your thumb to rise above your chest or go behind your hip area.
  3. Keep Your Chin Up
    You should always keep your eyes toward the horizon and keep your shoulders back. This is often a problem for beginners, but try not to look down at the ground or at your feet.
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  4. (Don't) Take it in Stride
    When you're ready to "step it up" be sure you make each step a little quicker instead of taking a longer stride. Quicker steps are actually more efficient than longer strides.
  5. Step Smart
    With each step, you should step off from your toes. To see if you're doing this, have someone "spot" you; they should be able to see the bottom of your sneaker when you take a step.
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  6. Prep for a Plateau
    If you don't lose weight when walking anymore, mix it up and try something new, like a kickboxing class. You may be experiencing a plateau because your body has become accustomed to what you've been doing and needs to "rev up" again.
  7. Be Smart About Sneakers
    You shouldn't wear just any old shoe to walk; you really should invest in a walking shoe. A quality walking shoe will have a beveled heel that angles about a half inch up at the back. The sole should curve slightly toward the front.
I hope you find these walking tips helpful!

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