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Get Skinny Quick-Stay Trim Parlor Trick #3

In the last post, the get skinny quick stay trim parlor trick was learn how to eat like a kid.

Today's we'll be talking about how to be "cone-conscious". All tips came from Shape magazine's "Stay-Trim Parlor Tricks" article.

Stay Trim Parlor Trick #2: Be Con-conscious"

What this means is to order your ice cream in a dish, cup, or cake cone, all of which have fewer than 20 calories according to nutritionist Gloria Tsang. The next best thing is a sugar cone which has 40 calories. Avoid the waffle cones, especially when they are dipped in chocolate. This can cause the cone to have a whopping 320 calories.

So, yes, we can eat ice cream and still achieve our get skinny quick goals!

Stay tuned for "Stay Trim Parlor Trick" #3 in the next post!

Well, today's the last get skinny quick post about Shape Magazine's "Stay Trim Parlor Tricks."

We have learned about the "eat like a kid" and "cone-conscious" approaches to maintain your get skinny quick goals when eating out.

Today, we're gonna learn about how not to be "top-heavy."

When you buy ice cream, things like cookie dough, chopped candy bars, and even sprinkles often have partially hydrogenated oil and loads of empty calories.

Joann Larsen, R.D. founder of says it's better to have a half cup of berries or half a banana (each has 50 calories or less). You can also eat healthy fats like almonds, walnuts, and pecans in moderation.

Other good bets are chocolate syrup and whipped cream which have fewer than 75 calories and less than 1 gram of fat per tablespoon.

So, the good news is that you can still maintain your get skinny quick goals and indulge at the same time!

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