Friday, June 19, 2009

Get Skinny Quick-More Stay Trim Parlor Tricks

In the last post, the get skinny quick stay trim parlor trick was learn how to eat like a kid.

Today's we'll be talking about how to be "cone-conscious". All tips came from Shape magazine's "Stay-Trim Parlor Tricks" article.

Stay Trim Parlor Trick #2: Be Con-conscious"

What this means is to order your ice cream in a dish, cup, or cake cone, all of which have fewer than 20 calories according to nutritionist Gloria Tsang. The next best thing is a sugar cone which has 40 calories. Avoid the waffle cones, especially when they are dipped in chocolate. This can cause the cone to have a whopping 320 calories.

So, yes, we can eat ice cream and still achieve our get skinny quick goals!

Stay tuned for "Stay Trim Parlor Trick" #3 in the next post!

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