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Get Skinny Quick-How to Lose Weight Boxing.

I have to admit that I'm not a boxer though I have taken a class at my local gym called Body Combat.

For those who are open to fun and unique ways to get skinny quick, boxing might be just for you!

Out of all the ways to use your hands for combat applications, boxing remains one of the very best. Boxing provides a brilliant way to move your body in order to hit without being hit. In recent years, however, boxing has moved out of competitive environments and into health clubs. The reason for this is boxing provides a tremendous means in which one can burn fat and develop lean muscle mass. There are those, however, who do not see such value in boxing as a form of exercise. This is only because they do not understand the metabolic effect that boxing has on the body. Of course, "proving" that such an effect exits is not exactly difficult, let me explain further.

Your body needs calories in order to use energy. Even when your body is sitting still your body burns calories in order to function. Of course the less your physical activity, the less calories your body will need. When a person overeats then there will be an excess amount of calories that will be stored as fat. In order to get at this stored fat and convert it to energy, one needs to increase their physical activity level. (Adjusting one's diet certainly would not hurt either.) Boxing provides an excellent means in which to expand physical activity and it is way more fun than long boring jogs.

A boxing workout usually lasts an hour and involves mostly equipment training. For exercise and weight loss purposes, sparring is not necessary but it is advised if you want to get the most out of your training. Equipment training often includes hitting the speed bag, focus mitts, heavy bag and other impact items. Ancillary exercises common to a boxing class often include jumping rope, shadow boxing and the underrated program of medicine ball training.

Now, some may wonder how often one needs to train in order to drop weight. Honestly, it is best to avoid placing a time limit for a weight loss goal when boxing or performing any other training program. After all, once you reach your goal you do not want to discard your exercise program and proclaim "finito". This is a bad attitude and should be avoided. Instead, one should start to make boxing a regular part of their training program and then stick with it. Weight will come has to!

In terms of the number of days a week needed for training, two or three days would be optimum. Anything more than that runs the risk of sending the body into an over trained state. One hour a week will deliver limited results, but if that is all you can squeeze go for it and then try and find a supplemental training program you can do in the comfort of your home. Really, there is very little complexity associated with using boxing as your road to weight loss. All that is required is time, dedication and personal desire. Results will then be practically guaranteed.

This sounds like a cool way to get skinny quick!

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