Sunday, June 28, 2009

Get Skinny Quick-10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

I was browsing over at and ran across a great article for all of my get skinny quick readers.

It covered 10 easy ways to lose weight quick. I think you will like them!

Weight Loss Quick Tips #10: Easy Ways to Lose Weight

By Jennifer R. Scott

Easy weight loss tips work, but only if you do them consistently. That's why our "Quick Tips" series brings you small changes that you can adapt to quickly and stick with for the long-term. From taming takeout trouble spots to truly savoring a splurge, here are ten more simple and easy ways to lose weight.
  1. Tame Takeout Temptation

    Do you always end up ordering the most fattening item on your favorite takeout menu after you’ve looked at it a little too long? Instead of using the menu the restaurant provides, type up your own with the healthiest options listed for each of your favorite eateries (along with the phone numbers) and toss the originals.
More quick weight loss tips so you can get skinny quick will be in the next post!

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