Monday, May 11, 2009

Get Skinny Quick Really Fast

If you are looking to get skinny quick, you want it to happen real quick right?

If so, you will love these two easy ways to get down to the size you want in record time!

How to Get Skinny Really Fast - 2 Astonishingly Easy Ways to Burn Fat Very Quickly

By Tina Bardo

Who else wants to get skinny really fast? If you are anything like many of the people reading this right now, the simple truth is that you do, right? It's true, for many of us, losing weight is not only important, losing it very quickly is often equally as imperative. And as we move closer to Spring, the desire to get a super skinny, hot, toned and ultra sexy beach body is on everyone's mind!

With this in mind, we've identified about 10 or 11 super fast tips and tricks for burning buckets of stubborn fat really quickly, and we're going to share two of them with you below. Read on.

Tip #1: 7 Day Organic Fruit Feast

Yes, this is not only one of my favorite ways to burn off a belly quickly, it's actually super healthy as well! Did you know that juice fasting (or "feasting" as many people call it) is one of the best ways to remove built up toxins, contaminants and other stubborn "gunk" from your body? It is - and before you write it off as just another new age, hippie approach to fat loss, think again! There is wealth of scientific data supporting fasting using organic fruit and vegetable juices, and the health benefits extend FAR beyond simply losing weight!

Tip #2: Believe in the Berry!

Did you know that acai berry has become one of the most popular underground "super foods to the stars" over the last 12 months? It's true...and celebrities from Oprah, to Rachael Ray, to superstar athletes from all major sports have acknowledges believing in the berry to facilitate super fast fat loss, better digestive health, a cleaner colon and an AMAZING influx of energy to boot! While there is an incredible amount of hype out there about Acai, the simple truth is that it is truly one of the most heart healthy, anti oxidant rich and belly busting natural foods anywhere in the world, and if you are serious about looking great in that bikini this summer, an acai berry diet is one super fast way to make sure you do!

Bonus Tip: Beware of the Acai Berry Scams! Unfortunately, many of the acai berry products on the market are scams, being sold by unscrupulous companies with one hand in your pocket, rather than out to help you heal. My best advice? If you really want to experience the amazing benefits of the berry, make sure you ONLY buy authentic acai berry juice or extract.

(This is the one that we use, and recommend to our family, friends and readers alike)

Good luck, and happy healing!

Monique Hawkins
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