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Get Skinny Quick-Quick Weight Loss Guide

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Today's post covers simple things you can do everyday to help you achieve your get skinny quick weight loss goals. I read over it and see areas where I need to improve! I am sure you will as well!

A Guide To Quick Weight Loss
By Terry Edwards

What every dieter is after would be a way for quick weight loss. Below you'll find the no sweat, quick weight loss tips that put into action, can help you do just that.

If you think that chewing gum is just a habit or something to do when there is nothing else going on, then you will want to think again. Chewing gum for at least fifteen minutes in between meals, specifically lunch and the afternoon snack time lessens calorie intake by 36%. If this is done daily it can really add up.

Another quick weight loss tip is for you to drink green tea. Studies show that Green Tea Extracts actually help in losing body fats so fitness experts recommend that you drink a few cups of green tea every day to aid in losing the fats in your body.

If you think that salad plates are only used for eating salads, guess again. Health and fitness experts agree that the use of small sized salad plates to facilitate eating smaller portions of the meals will help you reduce your calorie intake by 30%. This also relates to drinking liquor from skinny glasses as compared to wide sized glasses to aid in the intake of fewer calories.

Another important weight loss tip is to make it a habit to move for at least two hours daily by doing simple activities such as going up and down the stairs, walking around the house while talking on the phone, etc. and you'll find out that you have burned up to 350 calories per day without needing to really exercise that hard.

Eating half a grapefruit before every meal daily would aid in losing weight, making you lose an average of 3.6 pounds, as well as lower the insulin levels that results to the decrease in fat storage.

Sleeping the required number of hours per night is also one of the quick weight loss tips that many people are not aware of. People should sleep for at least seven hours nightly as studies show that people who only had less than seven hours of sleep gained weight during middle age. This was the result of a 16-year study that should not be dismissed.

Another big tip is to eat more slowly, and that may result in taking away 210 calories as compared to eating too fast. A study showed that women who ate more slowly lost 70% more calories than the women who ate in a quick manner.

And of course, never forget the really important tip of eliminating stress. Having stress is a major factor in weight gain. You can do this by relaxing in a hot bubble bath to lower your stress levels, playing with your pet, and other simple activities that you enjoy and that take your mind off the problems of daily life.

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