Sunday, April 19, 2009

Get Skinny Quick-Try This Killer Metabolism Routime

For those of us who are looking to get skinny quick, we can't ignore exercising. While diet is huge, getting up and boosting that heart rate and metabolism is important.

Over at, there is a killer workout routine that will be sure to fire up that metabolism and help you drop those excess pounds!

10-Minute Workout: Boost Your


An Instant Kick

"Swift motions and jumps give your metabolism an instant kick while building muscle in the long term," says Jon Giswold, a master trainer at PUSH, an online personal-training service. Add this power-packed routine, developed by Giswold, to your regular workout three times a week -- you'll burn more than 100 calories in each 10-minute session.

For more information about the workout and fitness magazine, visit:

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