Thursday, April 23, 2009

Get Skinny Quick-Lose Weight Fast

Many of us desire to get skinny quick. Now, this get skinny quick technique might not appeal to all, but I do think it is a good way to lose weight quickly plus improve your health all at the same time!

The colon is a very important organ to your body. It's job quite simply impacts your entire body. To work effectively your body must be able to process foods and drinks in an efficient manner. Additionally, the results or impact of contamination on it would bring dire results not to mention death. When a patients blood becomes contaminated from waste that backs up into the blood stream the patients system responds with alarm, shock and may ultimately become totally toxic.

To prevent these conditions from occurring the colon diet needs to be one filled with certain kinds of foods. These foods are not unusual and list of them is far greater than could be listed here.

Think of your colon diet goods consisting of foods such as fruits, vegetables, and beans (kidney and navy beans are great for this), yogurt and such. The list here could be printed out and taken with you to the grocery store to shop from.

Take a moment and print it off and mark off what you would like to try this week. You'll find that slowly but surely your body will grow stronger as you start adding one to two or more of these items to your base diet. You'll see an almost instant change after about a week.

*Citrus fruit
*Cranberries or cranberry juice (avoid the overly sugary high fruit juices)
*Green tea
*Sweet potatoes (Yams included)
*Whole grains, cereals and some pastas

To keep in mind a few tips though would be essential to any good colon friendly foods. The idea here is simply to keep it fresh. Choose fruits that are fresh versus canned or frozen. Now if you cannot get the fresh fruits and vegetables where you live due to price or seasonal constraints, then the frozen or canned varieties will have to do. They are better than not eating fruits or vegetables at all.

Next you should try to increase your intake of vegetables or fruits that are the right colors. Color does make a difference. The right color this season is green. You see the green produce has chlorophyll, this is just another very important ingredients for a colon healthy diet to get a super boost. By itself, chlorophyll can help in healing the damaged intestinal lining and the colon. This damage is often caused by out diets being less about freshness and more about convenience.

Finally, while at the market you should pick up some bottled water. The water you choose is often the subject of debate these days. Just avoiding those carbonated waters, vitamin waters, sugary waters etc. would be wise. Often these products carry higher sodium and sugar amounts versus just plain old water.

As you can see a colon diet is doable if you follow these simple steps. The process begins with selecting the right foods and deciding to make a change in your diet which can help you to become healthier and lighter than you've ever been. You also will get skinny quick!

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