Monday, April 13, 2009

Get Skinny Quick-How to Get Skinny Like Britney

If you follow the pop culture, have you noticed how fantastic Britney Spears looks?

While I don't necessarily care for her music, I have noticed that she seems to have lost all the baby weight and now is back in shape?

So, what exactly is her get skinny quick secrets? If you wanna know, take a look!

The Britney Spears Workout: How She Got Her Body Back

How did Britney Spears lose the baby weight and get back in shape for her Circus tour? Surprise, surprise: Dancing helped her lose weight, tone up, and get her famous abs back. Here's how you can dance your way to a fitter figure, too.

Britney Spears' Workout

You've seen the promos all over the Web and TV: Britney Spears in full regalia for her Circus tour, prancing around in sexy ringleader, dancer, and gymnast getups, twisting, turning, and flipping her legs to sharply choreographed hip-hop moves. But one thing those costumes can't hide is Britney's athletic yet curvy body -- basically, the kind of shape we all strive for. Is that what dancing can do for us? Absolutely, says Dave Van Daff, Senior Director of Education & Development for Bally Total Fitness.
"Most dancing is a high-intensity cardiovascular workout encompassing constant, rhythmical movements for extended periods of time," Van Daff explains. "Therefore, it burns high amounts of calories and body fat."
Not only that, but "hip-hop especially requires explosive and powerful plyometric movements that develop strength, endurance, and flexibility," Van Daff says. Think jumping, skipping, hopping, and other two-feet-off-the-ground types of exercise. These high-intensity moves burn fat, build muscle, and increase bone density.
Moreover, Britney also lifts weights and runs, according to her Web site, which enhance her endurance, coordination, stability, and fluidity of movement, not to mention decrease the odds of injury.
So, now we know Britney' get skinny quick secrets. If you would like to read more and to discover her specific workout, go here:
and here:;jsessionid=1CXRNFHCFXJNZQFIBQSCAOQ?page=2
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