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Fast Ways to Lose Weight - Calorie Shifting, Cleansing and Interval Training

This is a right on article I ran across over at I like it because I have done everything the author talks about. With the Master Cleanse, I didn't lose 10-15 pounds, but I did clear out my colon really good! I also eat well and do interval training at my local gym. I just recently purchased a BodyBugg and will have to keep you updated on how that goes. I am in the process of getting a baseline this week with the assistance of a trainer at the local gym. I need to lose 12 pounds according to the program and they should be all off before the end of May.

That will be cool! In the meantime, enjoy the article.

Fast Ways to Lose Weight - Calorie Shifting, Cleansing and Interval Training

By Dean Boukaras Platinum Quality Author

So you've probably heard it all before that there are no fast ways to lose weight, while there is some truth to this, for the most part it can be done. When people think of the fastest possible way to lose weight, many times they might just be thinking in terms of a wedding or a vacation and they just want to look their best. However losing weight quickly and randomly in this manner is not what I recommend, because it doesn't get you anywhere in the end. So today I'm going to provide my 3 favorite fast ways to lose weight that will keep it off as well!

Calorie Shifting Diets: The way this type of diet works is instead of reducing just fats, or just carbs, this type of diet looks at the bigger picture, since many diets that just focus on one thing tend to fail in the long run. So instead of eliminating foods from you diet, calorie shifting diets look to have you eat certain types of foods at specific times when you body is at its best to burn off the specific type of food. Its easy to follow and best of all its one of the least limiting diets around.

Cleansing: The cleansing industry just keeps growing bigger and bigger, with many products promising to do more than the last. The reality is that the original Master Cleanse that came out in 1941 is still the ultimate weight loss cleanse. Also known as the maple syrup detox or the lemon cleanse, the master cleanse involves drinking a mixture of maple syrup, fresh squeezed lemon juice, cayenne pepper and filtered water. This clears out your organs of toxic waste, and more importantly for weight loss it forces your body to burn fat at a heightened level. People literally lose 10-15 pounds after only a week on this cleanse and most keep it all off assuming they know how to do the cleanse properly.

Interval Training: High intensity workouts are the way to go for fat burning, they spike your metabolic rate up and keep pushing its limits. Its similar to working out and building a muscle over time, this type of workout trains your body to burn fat at an elevated level while working out. More importantly these workouts are made to be convenient and short so you're not stuck working out all the time. They're very popular amongst fitness models and celebrities.

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