Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vitamins as a Weight Loss Supplement: Is it True?

Statistics show that more than 60% of the American population is considered overweight, and that every year almost half of it vows to lose weight. No wonder why fad diets and nearly all available diet programs are popular.

But do you know that dieting can actually reduce the amount of nutrients you receive each day? Most people tend to eat less whenever they want to lose weight, and this means less nutrient intake.

So you need vitamins for a weight loss supplement. Here’s why:

1. Vitamins help boost weight loss

Experts say that obtaining the right amount of vitamin supplements facilitate weight loss. Some diets focus on certain kinds of foods. Hence, you may not be getting the right amount of vitamins in your diet. So it is important that you take vitamin supplements to replenish the lost or lacking nutrients in your body.

Moreover, some vitamins promote weight loss by stimulating the other organs to facilitate the process, usually the thyroid glands. These glands activate the metabolic rate needed by the body to burn fats and calories.

2. Boosts metabolism

Some vitamins act as metabolism boosters. Most dieters starve in order to lose weight. This shouldn’t be the case because when your body is in the starvation stage your metabolism slows down. Hence, no amount of calories or fats is burned. That is why it is harder to lose weight.

Moreover, you become weak and tired, so the tendency is not to exert so much physical effort. In the end, you won’t be burning much calories either because your body isn’t working its way out and burning calories and fats.

With the so-called B-vitamins, you don’t just get the energy that you need; your metabolic rate is also increased.

3. Vitamins increase your energy

B vitamins, such as vitamin B5 can increase your energy. This energy helps you get through the day even if you are on a diet program.

4. Control weight

Vitamins help in regulating insulin levels and blood sugar. This results to decreased levels of triglycerides and cholesterol. In this way, you lose harmful fats in the body and develop lean mass.

Vitamins don’t just facilitate normal body processes. They also help you lose weight. So with the right amount of vitamin supplements, you are definitely on your way to success.

Monique Hawkins

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