Friday, February 6, 2009

Get Skinny Quick-Winter Weight Loss Tips

Well, we have about 6 more week of winter according to the groundhog! But, no fears because we can still work on getting skinny quick!

Today's post cover's some tips you can use for your winter exercise routine. I know you will enjoy it!

Today's Tip: Prep for Exercising in Winter

By Jennifer R. Scott,

Exercising in winter brings a few challenges, namely staying warm and comfortable. With a little preparation, you can enjoy walking and other outdoor activities when the temperature drops. Remember these tips for exercising in winter:

  • You should always cover any exposed skin when it's really cold, including your hands and head. Mom was right -- you'll lose a lot of body heat if you leave your head uncovered.

  • Choose clothing fabrics that wick moisture away from your skin to keep dry. (I love the Walking Guide's picks for plus sized tops.) Keeping your skin dry is important; moisture conducts cold air toward the skin and keeps heat away from it.

  • Consider wearing a few layers of lightweight clothing rather than a heavy coat over a single layer. Wearing multiple, lighter layers will actually keep you warmer than one or even two heavy layers. (Our Walking Guide provides some great cold weather walking and clothing advice, too.)

  • You hear a lot about drinking enough water in the summer, but that advice is vital year-round. It's still important to drink plenty of water before and during your workout to stay hydrated even if you don't feel hot or thirsty.

  • Some days, no matter how much you prepare, old man winter is just too tough to beat. Do an exercise video or go mall walking if your gut tells you it's just too cold or windy to be outside.

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