Monday, February 23, 2009

Get Skinny Quick-Reason 6 Why You Are Not Losing Weight

The last reason why you may not be losing weight is pretty contrary to what we are used to hearing.

Here it is: you may need to ditch our workout buddy.

I know, it sounds harsh, but it's true! Becky Marquez, Ph.D, a researcher at the Miriam Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, says that "Partners observe the other's eating and exercise habits and alter their own behavior to match."

So, if your workout buddy decides to skip workout and indulge too frequently in unhealthy snacks, you are likely to follow!

Dr. Marques suggests that if you have to convince a friend to join you on a diet or to get on a exercise regimen, they are not ready.

She further suggests that if your potential workout buddy is ready, you can sit down with them and discuss eating and exercise goals. If you guys can't get on the same page, remain friends and choose another workout buddy!

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