Sunday, February 22, 2009

Get Skinny Quick-Reason #5 You're Not Losing Weight

The get skinny quick tip today is interesting. It has to do with how eating slowly can actually INCREASE weight in some situations. I have to admit I have never heard explained in this way.

Anyway, according to a review from the "Proceedings of the Nutrition Society", people take in 40-70% more calories when dining with family and friends.

"People tend to eat more when they're in pleasant surroundings" says Collin Payne, assistant professor to marketing at New Mexico State University. It seems socializing in places like a restaurant or dinner party causes us to lose track of how much we are eating.

The suggestion is to have a strategy in place for social situations such as whether you will have a slice of bread or a dessert. You also can order an appetizer instead of a main entr'ee.

I think these are easy enough strategies to follow. Good luck on your next social outing!

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