Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Get Skinny Quick: Reason #3 Why You're Not Losing Weight


are you ready for reason #3 of the 6 reasons why you are not losing weight? The first two reason were pretty easy to fix weren't they?

Reason #3: You Make Your Own Meals

I know, this is a rather strange one. While it is good to make your own meals, if you are not vigilant, you can put on extra pounds because of things like picking at and eating food while you make a meal, adding extra butter and oil to dishes, nibbling on leftovers, etc.

The way to fix this is to simply use measuring cups and spoons while you make your meals. This way, you will know for sure how much of everything you actually are using. A food scale can also be helpful for items that can't be measured in a measuring cup.

Also, when you do eat, use small portions and save leftovers in small ziploc bags. This will ensure that you aren't eating too much.

So, do continue to make your own meals, but just be extra vigilant about not snacking and eating small portions!

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