Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Get Skinny Quick-A Really Good Reason to Fight the Middle Age Spread

If you are middle aged and still have a desire to get skinny quick, now is the time to get your weight in check. As it turns out, there are good reasons for this.

First Things First: Take the First Steps Toward Losing Weight

By Jennifer R. Scott,

According to research at the National Cancer Institute, carrying extra weight at middle age can increase your chance of dying early by as much as 40%.

Don't put off losing weight another minute. Here are a few ideas on taking the first steps to weight loss:

If you have found yourself resolving to lose weight this year, you are certainly not alone. According to recent statistics, more than half of Americans are overweight and at any given time, around 80 percent of those people are on a diet.

If you're planning to try one of the myriad weight loss plans on the market, you may be feeling a little uneasy about now. There are so many choices today (and so many opinions) that the thought of finding the one that's right for you can be overwhelming.

Before you begin the decision making process, there are a few things you should know and do.

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