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Get Skinny Quick-How to Eat Out and Still Stay Slim

everyone knows that eating out can wreck the diet of even the most diet conscious person! Getting skinny quick can be challenging if eating out occurs frequently and good menu choices are not made.

If this sounds like you, today you will learn how to eat out and still lose weight!

Make Smart Choices on the Go

By Jennifer R. Scott,

A Better Burger

  • Order a regular hamburger or a kids' meal burger. You will cut fat and calories compared to a quarter-pounder loaded with cheese, sauce and double meat.
  • Delis are a "Do" and Subs can be Smart

  • Choose sandwiches with boiled or broiled meats such as lean roast beef, turkey, chicken breast, or lean ham. If the bread is thick, remove the top and cut the bottom lengthwise and use one half as the top.
  • Hold the..

  • If you do order regular menu items at a burger joint, make sure it's without toppings, sauces, or mayonnaise. These extras cost calories. Instead, add flavor with mustard and layer on the veggies for fiber, crunch, and flavor.

  • A side salad is an excellent way to include veggies with a fast food meal. They're easy on the wallet, too. Just be sure to watch out for high-fat toppings like regular dressings, bacon bits, cheeses, etc. If you know your salad comes with these items, ask them to be omitted. Always order your choice of light dressing on the side so it's up to you how much you use.

  • If you're going to order from the regular menu, keep portion control in mind and stay away from oversized items such as double cheeseburgers or foot long hot dogs. One of my favorite eateries offers "double" fries for a 49 cents upgrade. It may sound like a steal, but treating yourself to oversized fast food will up-size your waistline in no time.

  • Believe it or not, a pizza shop can be diet-friendly. A salad bar with lots of fresh veggies is often on offer. You could also have pizza in small servings if you're smart about the toppings. Vegetarian pizza is a great choice. You can also request less cheese be used on your pizza. Try thin crust; it has less carbs and calories than thicker crusts. Better still, split a slice with a friend!

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