Monday, December 8, 2008

How to Loose Weight Fast-Use These Two Natural Drinks

There are many drinks, pill, potions, and the like that we see now days. Everyone is wanting to know how to loose weight fast so many are looking to try lots of things. However, for me, I like to already look for the natural ways to lose weight.

These two drinks are natural and will speed up weight loss.

- Apple Cider Vinegar: While this might not be the best tasting drink in the world, it truly is a powerful, and natural appetite suppressant. It is very effective at keeping you from feeling hungry, and therefore helping you avoid the temptation of unhealthy snacking. There are over the counter and prescription drugs that do the same thing, but this is all natural and completely safe.

To make it, add three tablespoonfuls of Applie Cider vinegar juice to eight ounce of water. Drink the juice just before you have your meal. You won't want to eat as much, and the apple cider vinegar will increase your metabolism giving you more energy throughout the day.

-Green Tea:
Green Tea is well known for its health benefits, and now you know it is helpful for weight loss. Many weight loss supplements that are sold contain green tea. Green tea is great for raising your metabolism which makes your body burn calories more quickly and gives you more energy. Using natural sweeteners like fruit juice can make Green Tea very good to drink if you don't normally like the taste.

These are two very simple methods you can add to your weight loss arsenal that will help you to loose weight faster!

To Your Success,

Monique Hawkins

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