Friday, December 19, 2008

How to Get Skinny Fast!

I was browsing over at and came across this article. It talks about how to loose weight fast and how to get skinny quick. The author offers two quick tips.

I haven't heard of the first tip as a way to lose weight fast , but who knows, it could work! I guess people will need to try it and see if it works for them.

Here is the article in it entirety.

How to Get Skinny Fast!
By Jennifer Jolan

Here's how to get skinny fast. Maybe you're struggling to lose weight. Maybe you don't have much money to spend on supplements or going to the gym. Well, THAT'S OK. You don't need supplements or the gym to get great weight loss results. I'm going to share with you how to do this without leaving your home.

How to Get Skinny Fast

1. Do fast bodyweight squats
These are a killer workout that gets quick fat loss results. But you need to do these properly. First, make sure your back is NOT arched over when you do your squats. Next, touch the ground with your fingers during each repetition. Why do this? This insures you are going down deep enough in your squats. Don't cheat the movement. You just hurt your own efforts.

Now, I recommend that you do 25 bodyweight squats as fast as you can. Rest 45 seconds and repeat.

 Do a total of 3 sets of 25 reps.

That's it. It's simple, but it's not easy. This creates a nice oxygen deficit within your body. This oxygen deficit puts the body into a fat burning state. The body burns fat a lot faster.

2. Eat protein with each meal
Here's the deal with protein. Eat about 20 grams of it at every meal and you speed up your metabolism and slow down any type of blood sugar spikes due to simple carbs. It's a great 1-2 combo. Plus protein naturally suppresses your appetite so you'll eat less at any meal that has protein in it.

These are 2 really good quick tips on how to get skinny fast... use them!

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Jennifer Jolan

I like what Jen has to say. Give it a shot and see if it works for you!

To Your Success,

Monique Hawkins

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