Monday, October 13, 2008

An Inspiring Story

I came across a good inspiring story I just had to share with you. .

This story reaffirms my belief that when it comes to weight loss, increasing energy levels, and fighting disease, what we put into our bodies does make a tremendous difference. Simple changes can bring life changing effects.

Here is Ida Cheatham’s story. Ida happens to be a MS patient for 40 years.

“While pregnant with my third child, I experienced a serious onset of weakness and numbness, which after many test was diagnosed as multiple sclerosis (MS).

My condition deteriorated rapidly to the point that the doctor said I would likely not survive the pregnancy if it was not terminated. However, my third child was delivered at the end of the 9 months. During that period I recovered significantly and was able to continue my profession as an elementary school teacher until 3 days prior to delivery.

When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, there were no effective mediations to reduce the symptoms and the progression of the disease. I therefore began to drink 10 ounces of fresh vegetable juice (kale, collard, carrots, beets) along with 60 ounces of water before breakfast which is often brown rice, beans, and a fresh salad made of dark green lettuce and an abundance of fresh tomatoes.

Although my ability to walk has deteriorated over the years, I have always taken every opportunity to exercise. Despite being told more than 35 years go that my disease was progressing rapidly and I would not likely live more than a year, I will soon celebrate my 45th wedding anniversary and enjoy the company of my 3 children and my 7 grandchildren. I have never taken medication to treat multiple sclerosis.”

What a powerful testimony Ida has. No, her disease wasn’t cured, and she has to use wheelchair more often now, but what powerful message she has to share about how what she put into her mouth significantly decreased her ms symptoms.

This was an awesome story and I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to send me your comments on what you liked about it.

To Your Success,
Moniquw Hawkins

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