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How to Loose Weight Fast-Learn How to Stock Your Kitchen like a Nutritionist

I’m sure you know that a well-balanced diet should contain a variety of foods. However, the truth is, some foods simply work harder than others to protect your heart. Of course, a healthy heart will always be a plus for any type of weight loss effort.

If you want to learn how to eat right so you can learn how to loose weight fast and more effectively, take a look at what Dr. Glazer has to say.

Kathy B Glazer, R.D., and director of nutrition for the George Washington University Weight Management Programs shares her favorite heart healthy foods right here. This was taken from the November/December 2008 issue of Shape Magazine

-Blueberries. Antioxidants help fight inflammation and lower bad LDL cholesterol, blood fats, and blood sugars.

Flaxseeds. Rich in ALA, a fatty acid that may help regulate blood pressure, blood fat and inflammation.

-Legumes. Soluble fiber lowers cholesterol and can help improve insulin resistance.

-Nuts. Nuts are packed with heart helpers, like omega-3 fatty acids, phyto-chemicals, potassium, and Vitamin E.

-Oatmeal. A great source of soluble fiber and full of heart friendly B vitamins.

-Olive and Canola oils. These are high in heart-smart monounsaturated fats; lower in saturated fat than other oils.

-Soy. Replace meat in your meal with soy-based foods such a s tofu to help lower cholesterol.

-Spinach. B vitamins and antioxidants fight heart disease; magnesium can help lower blood pressure.

Make sure you take the time to stock your kitchen with all of these great super foods mentioned. If you include them in your meals, you will be surprised at how they can greatly help you in your weight loss efforts.

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