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How to Loose Weight Fast-10 Tips for Eating Out

As most of us have found out, eating out frequently and eating all the wrong things can send any weight loss efforts for a day straight down the drain.

If you are one who is looking to loose weight fast and still want to treat yourself by eating out sometimes, here is how you can easily do both.

10 Tips for Eating Out While on a Diet

By Jennifer R. Scott,

Dining out on a diet doesn't have to be cause for panic. With a little planning and preparation, you can make it through eating out without blowing your diet.

  1. Order from the appetizer menu. Hungry? Order a side salad as well ... a good way to ensure you're still eating instead of watching your date finish off his entree after you've polished off that shrimp cocktail.
  2. Keep tabs on that tubini. Endless pasta may be your idea of bliss (Darn near nirvana for yours truly!), but it's a scary prospect to those of us who overeat. Stick with a single entree and don't worry about being a member of the clean plate club. I won't tell your mom if you don't tell mine.
  3. Meat yourself halfway. As tempting as that guy at the booth across from you is making that bucket of fried chicken look, always elect poultry to be prepared the following ways: steamed; poached; roasted; broiled; boiled; grilled; or baked. As for you beef-eaters out there, be sure you choose lean cuts like loin or flank.
  4. Modify the menu. In my neck of the woods, where anything and everything can be batter-dipped and fried, I ask for fried entrees and sides to be boiled, broiled or roasted and I'm rarely turned down.
  5. Beware the buzz words: Cream sauces; butter; oil; au gratin; breaded; Alfredo; battered or batter-dipped and, Mom's favorite topper, gravy. Avoid them all unless you're putting in some extra sessions on the stair climber this week.
  6. Wrap it up, I'll take it! You know you're at a nice restaurant when the server wraps up your food for you at the end of the meal so you don't have to worry about fashioning that tin foil swan for yourself. Keep temptation at bay by asking the server to wrap up half your meal before you start eating.
  7. Don't let take out take over your diet. Take out half of your take out ... and put it into plastic containers ... tuck it away in the fridge. After a long day at work, chances are you won't want to go to the trouble of heating up the rest. (Instant will power!)
  8. Cram for tonight's dinner. Ask your favorite eateries to fax you take out menus and then keep them on-hand. Highlight the healthiest options and choose your entree ahead of time.
  9. Banish buffets. Portion control can become a foreign concept for the best dieter at a buffet. Who can practice portion control when there are new, clean plates beckoning for more? The variety of foods available at buffets is also daunting; studies have shown when we're given more choices we tend to eat more.
  10. Mini meals make your day. Eat smaller meals during the day if dining out tonight, just be sure you don't eat too sparingly so that you're so famished by dinnertime you end up overeating (It was a dark day when I clearly ignored my own #9 tip and visited Golden Corral in a ravenous state with a fellow weight-watcher. The look of horror on her face as I went for round number three is one I won't soon forget!). Have a small, healthful snack in the afternoon to quell hunger.

I like Jennifer's tips. Now we all can eat out without feeling guilty or wreaking our weightloss efforts.

So, enjoy your next meal out!

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